Sync Links

Here you'll be able to access other websites by my friends who are in the sync world. As as well as other sites that are worth checking out!

This site is by my friend Andrew C. Wendland, with one of the most well known and possibly one of the oldest sites on the internet relating to syncs. Here you will find all the other famous Pink Floyd syncs and more!

Once you click here you will enter the dark realm of my sync teacher, The DeVille, where you can buy DVD's of his diabolically amazing syncs. Be sure to be brave once entering in!
*Note: The site no longer works on it's own. The following link is to the site viva Internet Archive.

Hey man looking for some more sync lists? Or maybe even previews of such syncs? Look no further than my friend Tyler Buffett and his MoviesSynced site man. You'll have a great time looking around at all there is to see!

Want to see into the mind of a movie fanatic and fellow sync finder? My friend Thomas Ostrowski delves into the sync world, showing his own syncs as well as his thoughts and views on movies he's seen!

The Synchronicity Arkive is one of the oldest sites on the internet related to syncs. Be sure to check out what they have on their site! If you want to find more try use waybackmachine to see more!

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