About Me

Here's a small bio about yours truly! Sam the Angel Fox!

Born in 1994 the youngest of three brothers, one of them being my twin then later the third youngest, being an older brother to a little brother.  Music has played an important part to mine and my families lives, from starting with songs from Thomas the Tank Engine, listening to hits on the radio to and from school and on weekends, to the age of 10, being introduced to the magic and wonder that is The Beatles.

And growing up with a family that adored music, they have helped me discover other great musicians like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, as well as the great  music legends of my home country of Australia! Also exploring different genres of music from Rock, Metal, Alternative, Progressive, their sub-genres and even recently delving into the likes of experimental and some avant-garde music.

My interest and knowledge in music has lead me to working some radio jobs in the past, working as an audio engineer and at times a host for radio shows!

Being the music nut I am too, I love looking into the history of musicians and bands I love. From history, famous moments, controversies and even rumours and urban legends.


Which lead me to discover Syncs. I was looking at urban legends in music when I saw in a list "Dark Side of the Rainbow". That lead me to The DeVille's website of his syncs, seeing how they worked. I was blown away on how they worked! Putting an album to a movie and it works? Sign me the hell up!

Which has lead me to years of discovering my own syncs since 2010! I've made some good friends who are into syncs as well, and I've gotten some into the fun as well!

So now you know the winged fox behind this strange website!

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