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Sync For Yourself!

This is a website dedicated to the cultural phenomena that is Film and Album Syncs! Now you're already asking yourself: "What the hell is a sync?". A Sync is when you take a film and put the audio of an album over it. Sounds simple right? Then why so popular? It all started with someone in the '90's trying Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon with the family classic The Wizard of Oz.

How does this work? The idea is that the album's lyrics and music match or describe what is happening in the film.

For Example:
Say you're watching Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz. Near the beginning of the film when Dorothy is balancing on the pig fence, the song Breathe will say that moment "Balanced on the biggest wave".

This website has syncs not only from me, but from others I've seen from my friends and others online. The person who discovered the sync will be noted, as well as which version of the film is used, set up instructions, connections and maybe even full lists of awesome moments in syncs!

If you want to find out how the syncs work, what to do, the connections etc. Just click on the sync on a bands page and it will show you what to do! This website is still being updated in terms of info for syncs, but some syncs already have the full details to them!.

I'm Sam the Angel Fox, I hope you take a glance at my website with an open mind!

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