FAQ... for Syncs

Got some questions about syncs? Well this pages shows answers to questions you may or may not have regarding syncs!

What is a Sync?
  • A sync or sometimes referred to as "synchs", is when a films audio is replaced by a music album. Letting the music, lyrics and mood of the album tell the story of the visuals in a different way. Often matching what is happening on film.

What is the most famous Sync?
  • The most famous sync is of course, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon synced to the family classic The Wizard of Oz.  The earliest known discovery of the sync dates back to August 1995, with an article published by The Journal Gazette. Who discovered the sync however remains a mystery.

How do you know which album goes with which film?
  • Movies or albums could have imagery that could be similar to each other. Like an album booklet could have images that remind you of a certain film. This also works with song titles, the song titles could help with what film it goes to.

What kind of syncs are there?
  • There are mainly three types of syncs:

    Intentional: Where a band will make an album to go with a movie that's already been released.

    Unintentional/Reverse Sync: Basically the other way round of an Intentional Sync. A film maker making a movie to go with an album.

    Mood Sync: These syncs can be either intentional or unintentional. These syncs will have limited lyric syncs, but the sound, the mood and feel of the album will compliment the visuals of the film.

Do you believe these syncs were done on purpose by the artists and filmmakers?
  • Not 100%. I know the filmmakers and musical artists had already had stories to tell through their films and music. And that making a sync for either one would be quite a challenge. But when you watch a great sync you can't help but think sometimes "did they do it on purpose?" Because of how well everything matches up.

Then why do you watch/find syncs then?
  • Because it's fun? Trust me finding a movie and album that go together so well gives you a feeling of fun. Like you just found something amazing. And that should be the purpose of doing syncs, for fun. Not for any crazy reasons.

Some syncs have NTSC or PAL in terms of their region, what's the difference between them?
  • Frame rate standards for digital home media differ from country to country. The most common standards are NTSC and PAL. NTSC matches the frame rate of most theatrical films, but the PAL standard needs about one more frame for every second, thus speeding up the film and its run time significantly. Basically films released on PAL DVDs are sped up by 4%. While movies released on Blu-ray in PAL regions remain at the NTSC speed.
    That's why it's important to check what region your film is before syncing.

Then shouldn't all syncs be in NTSC to match the original movies speed?
  • Not all movies. Once you try my syncs which some ARE in fact PAL speed, you'll see that the speed difference may not matter. As long as the sync works, regardless of region speed.

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